Mizuho Leasing aims to create value that we can share with stakeholders through our business activities and contribute to realizing a sustainable society based on our management philosophy.

 The importance of initiatives for environmental and social issues continues to grow. In response, the Mizuho Leasing Group has identified six high-priority materiality topics to address from the perspective of opportunities and risks to society and our Group toward realization and further growth of a sustainable society. We will promote initiatives for these materiality topics by integrating them into our business strategy.

Mizuho Leasing Group's Materiality

 We have identified the following materiality topics to create a prosperous future and realize a sustainable society through our business activities.
 In promoting the shift to a circular society in response to social and environmental issues, including climate change, health, welfare, urban development, infrastructure, and mobility by using new technologies, supporting supply chains, and providing utility value for goods and services, etc., we will help to solve such issues. We will also work to strengthen and enhance human resources, education, and governance as the foundations that support all of the efforts stated above.

Contributing to a decarbonized society

  • Create management systems for generating, transmitting, storing, and using electric power
  • Expand business fields by participating in renewable energy projects
  • Enhance solutions for saving energy and improving energy efficiency

Contributing to a healthy and prosperous lifestyle

  • Offer integrated services that combine maintenance with data analysis and other tasks through alliances with medical manufacturers
  • Provide comprehensive soluttoions that encompass facilities,  equipment, and devices

Contributing to the creation of social infrastructure that supports our lifestyle

  • Provide solutions for developing infrastructure and promoting mobility
  • Create a mechanism for deploying equipment to prevent and prepare for disasters
  • Participate in smart city and regional revitalization projects

Leading toward circulareconomy

  • Provide support at all stages of the supply chain
  • Reduce the life-cycle costs through collaboration with manufacturers
  • Maximize the utility value of goods (subscriptions, sharing, etc.)

Creating new value through technology

  • Provide a platform that uses big data and AI
  • Create new businesses byinvesting in startups
  • Boost operational effiiency through the use of technology

Creating a society and workplace where everyone can thrive

  • Secure a diverse talent pool by hiring experienced mid-career people; provide support for women to take active roles
  • Increase flexibility to choose when and where to work
  • Strengthen governance and internal controls

Process to Identify Material Topics

 We have created a comprehensive list of issues to address in and outside Japan in the long-term from environmental, social, economic, and other perspectives based on the SDGs and SASB Materiality Map by industry, etc. From this, we have identified those to address in terms of opportunities and risks to society and to our Group from the perspectives of management, employees, and external experts.


Sustainability Promotion Structure

 Established within the Corporate Communications Department, the Sustainability Management Division develops plans and programs, and promotes measures for sustainability. In addition, important matters concerning planning and promotion are adopted through resolutions of the Board of Directors.


From left in the photo: President and CEO Shusaku Tsuhara, Senior General Manager of Corporate Communications Department Tomoko Take, and Managing Executive Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer Toshiyuki Takahashi

 Mizuho Leasing Group's basic concept, which provides options for "not owning or buying goods," corresponds to the direction of realizing a sustainable society where waste should be reduced.

 The Group as a whole will proceed with our major goal of "achieving corporate activities that consider the sustainability of society" by promoting new challenges, leveraging our strengths in financing various stages of the supply chain as well as developing a wide range of financing, investing, and business activities to solve materiality issues.



Tomoko Take
Senior General Manager of
Corporate Communications Department