Why Mizuho Leasing works in medical and health care

 In Japan, the birth rate is falling and the population aging is progressing; the elderly population is increasing and those supporting them are decreasing in number; and the shortage of workers in medical and health care as a result, particularly in the field  of long-term care for the elderly, is a growing problem. In addition, medical and long-term care services  are concentrated in urban areas where there is high demand, and this disparity between urban and rural areas is predicted to further accelerate in the future. In order to solve these various problems, national and local governments have begun new initiatives, such as streamlining and labor saving through digital transformation, undertaking efforts to extend the healthy life expectancy, and providing services tailored to specific needs, including an Dementia Café , and shopping services. Health is fundamental for human beings. Medical and health care are integral areas of our lives.

Medical and health care initiatives in Mizuho Leasing

 We have two main initiatives in medical and health care. One is sales finance that links medical and care equipment manufacturers and customers. Recently, we have also contributed to streamlining and labor saving in medical institutions and care facilities by offering not only conventional financing but also a rental scheme, such as a monitoring system, Nemuri Scan , which contribute to improving the customer’s quality of life (QOL), as well as a subscription scheme that can be cancelled at any time after a certain period has passed. The other initiative is real estate financing targeted at senior care homes. Instead of offering financing that relies on the credit strength of the operating company of a nursing care facility, we provide financing based on each project’s cash flow, and this way, we contribute to creating diversified funding methods for operating companies.

Medical and health care in the future

 In the future, we will collaborate with medical and care equipment manufacturers, utilize various health-related data generated by the use of leased property, etc., and also branch out into businesses that can be helpful in preventing disease and developing medicines in efforts to contribute to extending the healthy life span. Furthermore, for start-up companies that have new ideas and technologies in the healthcare field, the partnership we offer is not exclusively in sales financing, but we also work alongside such companies and consider capital and business alliances with them. In addition, we will work on real estate financing not just for senior care homes but also for medical malls, specialized outpatient clinics, laboratory centers, hospices, etc., to support the promotion of a community-based integrated care system. We are committed to continuing to support the healthy and prosperous lives of people through the linking power of Mizuho Leasing, our partner manufacturers, and customers.

Mizuho Leasing Initiatives