Disclosure Policy

 Mizuho Leasing Group discloses information to the public to protect the rights and interests of shareholders and other stakeholders. Recognizing that timely, proper, and fair disclosure of information and ensuring transparency of our corporate activities are significant challenges for the Group's management, we have established and operate a system to disclose information accurately, promptly, and proactively.


IR Activities

 The group's basic stance on IR activities is to continuously disclose information in a fair, timely, and appropriate manner and to strengthen communication with shareholders and investors. This is to further their understanding of Mizuho Leasing Group and enable them to fairly evaluate its corporate value.
 The Group regularly holds briefing sessions to explain financial results to institutional investors and analysts as well as individual meetings with domestic and overseas investors. We also conduct annual company information sessions, questionnaire-based surveys, etc. for individual investors. These methods enable us to engage in active dialogue with shareholders and investors. Mizuho Leasing Group aims to produce sustainable increases in corporate value by appropriately incorporating opinions and feedback obtained through such dialogues into management decisions.
 We also post financial information, Integrated Reports, news releases, etc. on our website to communicate a wide range of information to shareholders and investors.