Basic Policy

 Mizuho Leasing recognizes that protecting our information and information assets from risks associated with recent progress in this highly information-oriented environment, and properly controlling and managing such information and assets, are of extreme importance from the viewpoint of maintaining and strengthening the soundness of company management. In this light, we have  developed the Basic Policy on Information Management and other related regulations, and work to ensure that information and information assets receive appropriate protection and are used according to such documentation.
 To protect, manage, and control our information and information assets from threats such as the external threat of data leakage caused by cyberattacks, the internal threat of information and information asset abuse and leakage caused by employees, and institutional factors that greatly affect the management of information assets, the Group has established the following security control measures, developed an appropriate information management system, and continues to ensure the safety and reliability of our information security.
 We also strive to ensure appropriate control and operation of outsourcing management and personal information protection, while providing training to directors and employees to raise awareness about information security.

Security Control Measures

  1. Systematic Security Control Measures
    Appropriate systematic control measures, including the development of an organizational structure and regulations
  2. Human Security Control Measures
    Appropriate supervision to prevent information leakage and inappropriate use of information, etc. by directors and employees
  3. Physical Security Control Measures
    Physical measures for facilities, systems, etc. to prevent people without legitimate access rights from accessing or compromising information assets
  4. Technical Security Control Measures
    Appropriate technical measures for systems, etc. to ensure appropriate use, etc. of information assets