Why Business Partnership/Joint Investment now

 The transition from a mass production and mass consumption economy to a circular economy lays behind changes in the environment surrounding our customers who are our partners in business. Moreover, “from selling products to selling experiences,” meaning providing not only products but also incidental services, is now becoming the trend of the times. On the other hand, this also presents increased risks to our partners—our customers. Risks such as product obsolescence and depreciation used to be what end-users might face in the conventional way of selling products. However, these risks will be borne by manufacturers and vendors when offering services such as sharing and subscription. If we can jointly conduct this type of business in the form of a business partnership/joint investment by leveraging the expertise we have cultivated to date, and if we can reduce the burden on customers, we believe we can surely realize Mizuho Leasing’s and our partners’ concepts to rapidly expand new businesses while sharing risks.

What business partnership/joint investment is Mizuho Leasing aiming for ?

 Mizuho Leasing has been aggressively engaged in business partnerships and joint investments in the fields of real estate and renewable energy; joint investment in shopping centers and malls in the real estate field, and joint investment and business operation of a solar power station in the renewable energy field are a few examples. In the future, we will intersect in a more in-depth way with fields that Mizuho Leasing currently promotes as business strategies and focus fields, such as start-ups and subscriptions, and at the same time, we will firmly set the direction of not only offering financing but also of conducting business together with customers. What makes this possible is Mizuho Leasing’s unique strengths. Mizuho Leasing takes charge of the product-related fields in Mizuho Financial Group. We have strong ties with the bank. We believe that customer expectations also rest upon those. We continue to help customers solve their challenges by forging partnerships with them and sharing business risks.

Vision of the future we aim for

 The corporate objective is not to own facilities and facilities and equipment , but rather what kind of goods and services they can offer to society, and how profits can be generated by their use of facilities and equipment. It was, however, difficult up to now to use facilities and equipment without owning them. We will change that. Instead of producing results by owning resources, results will be created by using them. Various ways to handle this will become available by diversifying risks through business partnerships and joint investments. The possibilities of new business developments continue to expand with the evolution of informatization and IoT. To promote such development, we will also partner with various customers and operate in many industries, to continue to be a company that can offer optimal solutions for customers’ management and business strategies.