Who We Are

Mizuho Leasing Company, Limited (Mizuho Leasing) was established in 1969 as a general leasing company under the initiative of The Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. (now Mizuho Bank, Ltd.) and with investment from major companies across Japanese industry.


We have focused on financing for equipment and other assets through leasing and installment sales, while also actively growing our operations in Japan and overseas as a comprehensive financial services group serving the business community. In addition to providing finance for capital investment in industrial machine tools, IT equipment, medical equipment and other business assets, we have been expanding its reach into new business areas by proposing a wide range of solutions that address the diverse needs of corporate clients, increasing its presence in the financial sector, and leveraging M&A activities.


In March 2019, in order to achieve further business growth and enhance the corporate value of the Group, we entered into a capital and business alliance with Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and an alliance in the lease financing business with Marubeni Corporation. Now, as a leasing company now named “Mizuho Leasing Company, Limited” (formerly, “IBJ Leasing Company, Limited”), which is the only equity-method affiliate in the Mizuho Financial Group, we strive to deliver services that solve the management issues faced by our clients.

Pioneering Projects by Mizuho Leasing

Leveraging our strengths in financial solutions for capital investment, we have built a strong track record in areas such as factory equipment leasing and structured finance. In the early days of Japan's leasing sector, Mizuho Leasing was one of the first companies to offer lease financing for ships, aircraft and rolling stock and vendor finance programs for construction equipment, consistently taking the lead in the sector to support customers’ capital investment and sales promotion strategies.

Jan. 1972

Started construction equipment vendor leases

Dec. 1972

Started ship leases in overseas markets

Oct. 1985

Launched Japan’s first rolling stock lease product

Nov. 1998

Began full-scale move into structured finance


A Balanced Business Portfolio

We have extended the scope of our operations by expanding into overseas markets and actively using M&A. Today, Mizuho Leasing is a corporate group with 31 consolidated subsidiaries and 8 equity-method affiliates in Japan and overseas. As times have changed, we have increased the type of equipment that we handle in our leasing business, leading to a more balanced business portfolio and supporting steady growth in our operations.

Operating asset balance – breakdown


(Billion of Yen)

Operating asset balance-trends

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Operating asset balance - breakdown



Project Case Studies

Some examples of projects led by the Mizuho Leasing Group are outlined here.
We will work together with our clients to create value by proposing various solutions.


Sixth Mid-term Management Plan

Launched in fiscal 2019, our Sixth Mid-term Management Plan was developed based on our vision to be a "value-creating company tackling challenges together with clients". Under the plan, we will strive for further growth by combining efforts to increase the sophistication of clients' business models through our new business strategy and initiatives in focus areas in response to changes in social and industrial structures with strategic initiatives developed through our partnerships with Mizuho Bank, Ltd. ("Mizuho") and Marubeni Corporation ("Marubeni") formed in March 2019.

Basic Policy of Sixth Mid-term Management Plan Business Strategy

We will strive for growth in Japan and globally, and contribute to the advancement of society by: evolving the successful model demonstrated in the Fifth Mid-term Management Plan and improving profitability through the partnerships with Mizuho and Marubeni by complementing functions.