Environment and energy initiatives in Mizuho Leasing

 Responding to climate change, resource and energy problems is one of the top-priority global challenges. Mizuho Leasing would like to contribute to realizing a sustainable society by promoting the environment and energy fields. Mizuho Leasing has two main initiatives in the environment and energy fields; one is to operate and invest in the renewable energy power generation business, and the other is to lease energy-saving electrical and air-conditioning facilities and equipment, etc. What we currently place the stronger emphasis on is operations and investment in the renewable energy power generation business. Power generation through renewable energy, including solar power, is one of the few growing fields in Japan, and we are undertaking all-out efforts in this field as a business of high social significance.

Mizuho Leasing’s distinctive strengths

 We, as a leasing company, are a relatively highly flexible player in the financial industry, and can also make maximum use of Mizuho Group’s customer base. We believe that these are our advantages in promoting the renewable energy power generation business. However, the power generation business is not one we can do alone. It is important to proceed with the business while building partnerships and collaborating (working together) with various parties. While doing so, we will accumulate know-how and experience, and expand business operation of and investment in various renewable energy sources, such as solar power, hydraulic power, wind power, and biomass.

Environment and energy businesses in the future

 With the growing awareness of sustainability and SDGs, voices and needs of customers who want to use and buy renewable energy-derived electricity have been shown to increase day by day. For such needs, we will focus on directly connecting our customers with our own renewable energy power plant operated by Mizuho Leasing. Moreover, we will work harder than ever on financing to partner companies engaged in the renewable energy power generation business. In order to contribute to expansion of renewable energy and development of new technology for renewable energy in Japan and overseas, we will accelerate our efforts in the environment and energy fields.

Mizuho Leasing Initiatives