Cooperating with alliance partners by taking advantage of respective strengths

 Mizuho Leasing commenced collaboration and cooperation with Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.~{(1)} and Marubeni Corporation~{(2)} in 2019 and Ricoh Leasing Company, Ltd.~{(3)} in 2020, and furthermore, it acquired shares in Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd.~{(4)} and Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd.~{(5)} in 2021. By taking advantage of other companies’ strengths, we are expanding alliances with different types of businesses in order to grow business in areas in which further growth can be expected and in areas with greater social significance.  Something which is difficult for one company to achieve becomes doable by connecting with another. This is our core initiative that embodies our mission “Connect needs to create the future .”

Alliance. All for partner customers.

 In collaboration with Mizuho Financial Group, we offer products and solutions that contribute to promoting the businesses of Mizuho Financial Group’s customers by utilizing the knowledge and expertise we have cultivated. In collaboration with Marubeni, we promote cooperation mainly in the global field, and we also strive to steadily grow in the infrastructure business and overseas joint investments, etc. With Ricoh Leasing we mutually promote offers of products in which each party provides an advantage to the other’s customers and the development of new fields of cooperation, such as the environment and medical care. With Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate we work to further strengthen the real estate sector. In cooperation with Mizuho Capital we strengthen start-up collaborations , which are a part of the business strategy, and we cooperate with venture companies that are also involved in subscriptions. By connecting with alliance partners in various fields, we aim to develop further as a company that offers more flexible solutions that respond better to our partner customers’ needs.