Service overview

 Nemuri SCAN is a sheet-shaped sleep sensor (medical equipment) that detects body movement by placing it under the mattress, and through which the user’s respiration and pulse rates, whether the user is awake, and the user’s movements such as getting out of bed, etc., can be remotely monitored in real time. Mizuho Leasing jointly organizes and provides a rental scheme for a set of equipment including Nemuri SCAN and a PC and/or smartphone terminal, with its manufacturer and distributor, Paramount Bed Co., Ltd.
 While this service plays a part in solving the labor shortage in medical institutions and nursing facilities, a customer can use the service with peace of mind. For example, compared to purchasing the SCAN, one can reduce the financial burden when initially installing it. The contract can be renewed annually, and the rental fee gradually decreases each time it is renewed. Moreover, the rental fee includes the maintenance service cost, and the cost of insurance at the time of repair.

Employee voices

 I believe this initiative can lead to elimination of the labor shortage in the medical and nursing fields, and has social significance. Much feedback is received from customers, such as, “since I can try it easily because it is a rental product, I find it easy to use,” and, “I feel secure since it is covered by the insurance even in the case of cable disconnection.” I believe that Nemuri SCAN will become more popular, and our company’s rental scheme will be used more than ever.