Real estate business in Mizuho Leasing to date

 In our real estate business, we have mainly been working on real estate financing in a way that meets customers’ financial needs. Currently, we also conduct business through a subsidiary, ML Estate Company , to hold real estate temporarily for periods that match customers’ needs for J-REITs  and Private REITs . We place importance on a long-term relationship instead of short-term profits, and strive to be a partner with whom one can do business with peace of mind and feel we are standing right beside them. As real estate often deals with large sums of money, ensuring profits also leads to the Company’s stable growth.

What we are focusing on now

 In order to meet customers’ needs, which get more complex every day, from now on we will also advance into businesses such as owning and developing our own real estate. One of these businesses is a project to develop logistic facilities. Amid advancing e-commerce, logistic facilities take on added significance . We actively work on this, collaborating with various partners with experience and knowledge. We believe that our going to a higher stage by gaining know-how and experience through this can contribute to our customers and society.

Future initiatives for new business and contribution to society

 We will work to generate more new business and projects in cooperation with Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate , Kukurebu Advisors , and Mizuho Financial Group. Responding to sustainability is also an extremely important point in this field. We will explore ways to contribute to society while understanding customers’ needs, such as acquisition of environmental certification, and initiatives for real estate projects that pay attention to sustainability and SDGs.

Mizuho Leasing Initiatives

*The Real Estate Business Department  was reorganized into the Real Estate Business Coordination Department, Real Estate Business Department [No.1], and Real Estate Business Department [No.2] on April 1, 2022.