We launched our Sixth Mid-term Management Plan (FY 2019 – FY 2023) in fiscal 2019.


Under the plan, we will strive for further growth by combining efforts to increase the sophistication of clients' business models through our new business strategy and initiatives in focus areas in response to changes in social and industrial structures, with strategic initiatives developed through our partnerships with Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Marubeni Corporation formed in March 2019. By leveraging our expanding fields of business and tackling initiatives that span focus areas, we will contribute to the advancement of society and the realization of an abundant future with clients on an unprecedented scale.


Furthermore, we will continue efforts to reinforce the management base in line with the expansion of business fields within and outside Japan, namely: strengthening of group governance, improvement of work productivity, HR strategy, and risk-return management.

Mid-term Management Plan

Sixth Mid-term Management Plan

Consolidated Targets for Final Fiscal Year (FY2023)

Consolidated net income attributable to

owners of the parent

¥ 30.0 billion

Balance of Operating Assets in Global Area

3 times higher than end of March 2019

Consolidated dividend payout ratio

Aim for 25 %

or more