Basic Approach

 One of the material topics  for sustainability that Mizuho Leasing has identified is to create a society and workplace where everyone can thrive. We maintain and promote a working environment in which employees can work in a safe and healthy manner, based on our belief that each and every employee is valuable.

Initiatives for employee health and safety

 Under our basic approach of employee health management, we hold a Health Committee meeting once a month in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act , and make efforts to maintain and promote employee safety and health as follows. 

Health checks

 We provide an annual medical checkup for all employees. For expatriate employees and their accompanying family members, we provide vaccinations as a preventive measure  necessary for each country in which they are stationed, as well as a health checks once or twice a year in that country or in Japan, depending on the sanitary conditions and/or medical standards of the country.

Stress check

 We conduct a stress check once a year according to the basic policy of promoting mental health, since mental health is important to make employees’ lives comfortable and fulfilling, and secure a pleasant and safe working environment .

Engagement survey

 In order to capture employee awareness in a timely manner and create a better working environment, we have conducted an engagement survey every three months since August 2021. We thus aim to realize a better working environment by implementing measures to enhance employee engagement via encouraging them to take ownership of engagement.

Promotion of use of health enhancement app

 In cooperation with the health insurance association, we recommend our employees use the health enhancement app, QOLism. We will also hold a walking event using the app.

COVID-19 workplace vaccination
and strict enforcement of infection control

 We provided workplace vaccinations (three times) for our Company Group’s employees and their family members. We have arranged a working system that takes into account employee health and safety. For example, those who felt unwell upon or after vaccination are deemed to have worked. In addition, we are counter-infection measures with employee’s health and safety being our top priority. This includes installing acrylic dividers on office desks, allowing only up to five people at a time to ride an elevator, installing a face recognition system with a body temperature sensor at the first-floor entrance to the head office, and ensuring that the mask mandate for customers is strictly enforced, and that customers’ temperatures are measured.

Holding various seminars

 We hold various seminars as an opportunity to enhance health. So far we have had a QOL Enhancement by Lifestyle Improvement seminar, and a Sleep Seminar.

Promotion of taking paid annual leave and reducing long working hours/overtime

 To ensure a work-life balance and the creation of time for employees to have enriching experiences, we have implemented an initiative since 2017 that aims to continue having our employees take 70% of their paid annual leave per year . After reaching this target in 2018, we established an anniversary holiday (special vacation) system in October 2019, to further encourage the creation of time for our employees’ enriching experiences.
 Moreover, we have set Wednesdays as a no overtime day, and in July and August, additional two summer no overtime days for each division and branch, considering business peak and off peak times.

Sending President’s message about health

 Every month, we send a message from the President to all employees. By sending a message including information about employees’ health maintenance and enhancement, we foster employees’ health awareness.