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 In the US, there is an increasing movement toward replacing the freezer/refrigerated trailers powered mainly by diesel engines with electric or hybrid ones. In the State of California especially, a proposed regulation that promotes zero-emission vehicles has been unveiled . Mizuho Leasing’s overseas group company, PLM Fleet, LLC, (jointly operated with Marubeni Corporation; “PLM ”), which is a U.S.-based refrigerated trailer leasing and rental business, entered into an agency agreement on zero-emission*  freezer/refrigerated trailers equipped with solar-power panels, chargers, and freezer/refrigerated units, designed and manufactured by Advanced Energy Machines (“AEM”) in the US, and is delivering them to PLM’s customers. Compared with other companies’ trailers, this trailer is energy efficient, can operate continuously for a long time, and is superior not only in terms of environmental measures, but also as a product.   
*Zero-emission: no exhaust gas, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide, is emitted when the engine is running.

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 The State of California is known to be a state with strict regulations in the US. The zero emissions trend for freezer/refrigerated trailers is considered likely to spread to other states in the future. We believe that in such circumstances, PLM’s presence can be enhanced by taking the initiative  in this field. We continue to collaborate with Marubeni Corporation, making the best use of each other’s specialty fields and proactively handling products with advanced, environmentally friendly technology, to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, including zero emissions.