After celebrating its 50th anniversary, our group has formulated a new management philosophy in 2021. The new management philosophy is based on our universal foundational values, and conveys our mission to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by proactively solving various challenges through business activities that transcend beyond finance and synergistic values created from collaborating with our stakeholders.

 Under this management philosophy, our group as a whole will continue to improve our corporate value and cultivate a sustainable society.


Our mission, “connect needs to create the future” is based on our passion of connecting various societal needs, solve problems using new systems, and co-creating the future together with our partners by not only providing financial services that our group specializes in but also proposing  new solutions that are not limited to finance.


Our vision, “be a creator of a sustainable world ” is based on our passion of being a company where each employee can proudly work at and of being a leader of society that balances both corporate value creation and sustainable society initiatives.


With the addition of “Collaborate” to our traditional values of “Challenge,” “Change,” and “Create,” our action guideline is to generate significant synergistic effects by collaborating and cooperating with various internal and external stakeholders.