Why focus on start-up collaborations now?

 Amid drastic social changes and changes in economic and industrial structures, our customers’ management challenge is to dive deep into and refine their existing businesses while expanding into new areas. One way to do this is to collaborate and cooperate with start-ups. Many companies think that start-ups want to change society but do not know how they should specifically work on this. Conversely, many start-ups lack a business network and the ability to disseminate information despite their excellence in planning abilities, creativity, and technical skills. Our role is to connect needs by going between the party that wants to have a start-up function and the other party that offers that function and, moreover, to offer new solutions to our customers through a subscription function, etc. by collaborating with start-ups. What makes this possible is Mizuho Leasing’s power to connect. We propose optimal solutions through the expertise we have cultivated to date and the Mizuho Group’s collaborative power.

Mizuho Leasing’s strengths in start-ups

 Among our alliance partners, a venture capital firm called Mizuho Capital has been conducting start-up collaborations for a long time, since its foundation. There is also Mizuho Bank’s customer base and start-up network, the world’s largest. Having strong ties with both sides offering and seeking a start-up function can be described as our strength. In our company, we have the Innovation Co-Creation Department,  which creates new businesses, the Solution Promotion Department,  which connects customers’ businesses, and the Strategic Investment Department , which provides equity financing to growing companies. We have in place a system in which our sales team standing in front of a customer firmly captures their needs, and then it assesses new businesses and offers optimal solutions for those respective needs. Understanding needs and providing handpicked solutions requires a meticulous information organization process, but Mizuho Leasing has the manpower and structure that makes it possible as well as the passion to connect needs to create the future.

The vision of the future we aim for

 Amid the drastically changing social situation, big changes and evolutions are required of leasing companies. Being a customer’s business partner, we contribute to their business expansion with the start-up function as a weapon, which will ultimately lead to solving social issues. Our goals  are to change the game and to establish and grow a more sustainable society. Joining forces with all our partners and becoming a member of a vibrant future is the vision of the future we aim for.