The positioning of technology at Mizuho Leasing

 While the world is moving at an accelerated pace due to the development of technology, an era in which only those who change will survive is just around the corner. We consider technology to be cross functional for social development by organically connecting various underlying technologies rather than just a business growth area. What is important is having the sensitivity to focus on the technology that is advancing every day, understanding that technology, and incorporating it to become a business (for example, technology in relation to real estate, the environment, energy, and medical and health care). We enhance added value by leveraging new technologies in various business areas to update businesses and connect that to contribute to a sustainable society. Needless to say, we cannot achieve this alone. We and our partners’ customers move forward together by putting our heads together and sharing wisdom to create new businesses.

Mizuho Leasing’s distinctive initiatives

 Because it is important to upgrade the level of all of our employees at Mizuho Leasing to capture customers’ needs and create new businesses, Mizuho Leasing partnered up with a specialized company, which has deep knowledge of start-ups, and conducted many hours of online training on cutting-edge technologies. After employees take the course, new business ideas are created from that knowledge. Furthermore, we are seeking strengthened networking with Mizuho Bank and close venture capital firms, etc. We have also established the Innovation Co-Creation Department,  which is responsible for exploring technology themes. By simultaneously enhancing every individual’s knowledge and awareness as well as developing the organizational structure to become a business , we are promoting efforts to establish a system to respond swiftly and accurately to changes in society and customers’ needs.

Initiatives for technology in the future

 As we continue to pursue our initiatives for sustainability and SDGs in the future, the evolution and development of technology is essential. In leasing, our primary business, we will not only lease our equipment but will also use sophisticated communication technology to collect operating data from various sensors in cooperation with partner customers and will analyze it with AI. By doing so, we will further advance digital transformations that provide high value-added services.  While effectively using technology that enables customers’ potential needs to be realized, Mizuho Leasing also creates its own proposals. And so we are moving forward with full force to contribute to society by disseminating our proposals.

Mizuho Leasing Initiatives