Mizuho Leasing's global business: lease financing

 Along with economic growth in emerging countries, Japanese companies have of late been accelerating overseas operations. Mizuho Leasing is also actively pursuing global business to expand the support of our customers who are our partners in business. The first pillar of Mizuho Leasing global initiatives is to provide support to Japanese companies operating abroad by offering leasing, installment sales, and financing that are our primary business. We try to be of help in their business expansion by increasing the range of funding through various proposals. What is important here is the alliance with Mizuho Bank. We are working to help more customers by connecting with Mizuho Bank’s enormous customer base. We also leverage our overseas subsidiary in Singapore, a base for finance and logistics, as a hub, to meet customers’ leasing and financing needs.

Mizuho Leasing's global business: expansion of business areas

 The other pillar is business investment, including M&A. Our alliance with Marubeni is playing a big role in this respect. Marubeni is a trading company that has been focusing on business investment for a long time. We are confident that through our partnership, we can both build on the fields we are already good at, leveraging each other’s experience and knowledge. We currently aim to win new business opportunities by targeting the Asia region that we have been focusing on for some time, and the high-potential North America market. We have already acquired equity interests in a freezer/refrigerated trailer leasing company and an aircraft leasing company in the U.S., and continue to expand business in diverse ways.

Global business in the future

 The interest in SDGs is growing globally. So, what can we do? How to respond to and meet our customers’ interests and needs is now the most important perspective. We are continuing various studies to expand our business through collaboration with alliance partners and related departments in the Company in order to propose something new. We make all-out efforts to continue growing globally through close partnerships with our customers, alliance partners, and Mizuho Leasing. We continue to move forward, so you will think, “We have Mizuho Leasing,” when you encounter challenges in your overseas business.

Mizuho Leasing Initiatives