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 Mizuho Leasing invested in a real estate tech company, CCReB Advisors (CCReB ), on December 22, 2021, through ML Estate Company, Limited, which is a real estate leasing company in the Mizuho Leasing Group. CCReB is a start-up that visualizes needs in CRE and supports CRE businesses by capitalizing on AI x IoT technologies to quantify CRE  needs and perform customer matching. Mizuho Leasing Group has deepened its relationship with CCReB in many ways since the CRE strategic agreement was executed between ML Estate and CCReB in 2019. Through this investment, we will gain deeper collaboration and cooperation as business partners and will strive to increase operational efficiency, create opportunities to acquire real estate investment projects, and create new businesses all while further exploiting CCReB’s technologies and expertise. This stock acquisition is Mizuho Leasing Group’s first direct investment in a start-up.

Challenges and benefits

Employee voices

*The Real Estate Business Department  was reorganized into the Real Estate Business Coordination Department, Real Estate Business Department [No.1], and Real Estate Business Department [No.2] on April 1, 2022. 


 Our preparatory works for CRE sales, such as identifying CRE needs and analyzing cases, were previously carried out in a labor-intensive way, but they were streamlined by leveraging AI and IoT. Accurately and promptly visualizing customer needs enabled us to make an approach and a proposal, and thus we feel that accuracy has also improved. This system is applicable not only to real estate, but also to other areas such as general leasing sales, so we would like to take this opportunity to create new ways of doing business more and more.