Service overview

 Mizuho Leasing has positioned the environment & energy field as one of our focus areas, and is making efforts to promote our acquisitions of solar power stations, while investing in and leasing equipment to renewable energy businesses. We recently succeeded in acquiring a solar power station owned by Mizuho Bank’s client, which marked our first acquisition of a solar power station, and we also began participating in the solar power generation business. We will strive to participate not only in solar power generation, but also in various renewable energy businesses in the future. Amid the ever-growing importance of climate change and resource and energy issues, we aim to realize a sustainable society by contributing to the achievement of a decarbonized society.

Challenges and benefits

Employee voices

 Acquisition of solar power stations is a field on which our company focuses, and which also attracts high level attention from the perspectives of sustainability and SDGs. Not only on this first project, but also we would like through our coordination with Mizuho Bank and other alliance partners to firmly grasp customer needs and close a deal on second and third projects, so we can contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. We would also like this to lead to the enhancement of our sales capability by sharing the expertise we accumulated through this project in the company.