Service overview

 U-motion is a system that can manage cattle behavior by having cattle wear an IoT device-equipped collar, analyzing and examining the data collected round the clock. Mizuho Leasing collaborated with a start-up, DESAMIS Co., Ltd ., and established a scheme to lease U-motion to cattle and dairy farmers.
 Since U-motion’s data is sent to a smartphone and/or PC, and can be remotely checked, it can contribute to solving labor shortage issues that many cattle and dairy farmers have, and it also leads to improvements in labor productivity as it can detect the health condition of cattle early on.

Challenges and benefits

Employee voices

 Many start-ups have great potential. Through this initiative, we have been convinced that unprecedented services  can be provided by linking their technological skills and Mizuho Leasing’s expertise. This example was farming, but if there is other technology that changes society regardless of industry type, such technology can be provided in combination with our service. Through such actions, we’d like to continue to contribute to the whole of society as well as our partner customers.