The Services We Provide to
Our Client Businesses


Deputy President  
Akira Nakamura

Development of Various Services
Tailored to Diversifying Client Needs


Our clients’ needs are becoming further diversified and sophisticated every day amidst the every-changing circumstances. Against such backdrop, Mizuho Leasing continues to solve client challenges through not only the high degree of freedom that we enjoy as a leasing company and the know-how that we have cultivated, but also through various new initiatives. The only way to do this is to "provide solutions that contribute to financial and business strategies for all our clients ."


Making Progress with Clients through the Two Pillars  of Business Strategies and Financial Strategies


Traditionally, Mizuho Leasing has been primarily supporting the financial strategies of our clients by providing financing based on physical objects. However, the reality under the current economic and social conditions is that this alone is not enough to keep up with the rapid changes and provide services to new businesses. We will therefore provide new services from various angles by providing solutions that contribute to business strategies to satisfy the client needs that are becoming further diversified, sophisticated, and complicated.
There are three key phrases that describe our business strategy solutions. These are: subscriptions (vendor finance); business alliances and joint investments; and startup partnerships. Through these three core fundamentals, Mizuho Leasing helps our client partners build systems for continuously growing their business by reducing their risk and creating new business models together.
And by harmonizing our progressive initiatives, which are categorized into six focus areas  that we have identified after analyzing the social and industrial structures, with our strategic alliances with partners such as the Mizuho Financial Group and Marubeni Group, we are co-creating values and developing new businesses with our clients in the ever-expanding domestic and global business environments.