The Mizuho Leasing Group has expanded and developed its business domains worldwide by leveraging its expertise in equipment and properties, in-depth understanding of commercial distribution, and sophisticated financial know-how to provide solutions to clients’ business, financial, and accounting issues. 

 Society is changing at an accelerated rate: examples include the rise in awareness of environmental problems, increase in the importance of solving social issues, and innovations in digital technology. Increasingly complex environmental changes are expected to continue to occur at a bewildering pace, so we will have to tackle diverse and unprecedented problems.
 By taking the lead in tackling these problems through conducting business activities and providing services beyond finance, the Mizuho Leasing Group will generate value that can be shared with all of our stakeholders. To accomplish this, we will leverage the synergy of the Mizuho Financial Group and our ability to propose solutions with a wide variety of partners including trading companies, manufacturers, and financial services companies.Furthermore, we will contribute to the business activities of our clients and the development of a sustainable society by identifying needs before others, making use of the high degree of freedom we have as a leasing company to generate diverse ideas, and tirelessly taking on challenges.

 In May 2021 we revised our Mission, Vision and Values, and this commitment is embodied in our newly formulated mission: “Connect needs to create the future”.

 Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to all of our stakeholders for their continued support.


Shusaku Tsuhara
President and CEO
Mizuho Leasing Co., Ltd.